Company Terms & Conditions of Sale


These conditions will apply to all orders for goods places with us notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the customer`s or order form or other document or communication.No variations of these terms will have any effect unless expressly agreed by us.


Every effort will be made to comply with delivery dates requested by customers but we accept no liability for or arising liability for or arising out of failure to do so.


Non-delivery must be notified to us within 3 days of the date of the relevant invoice. In the case of damage, shortage or incorrect goods, the buyer will give notice of in writing immediately after delivery.

Where manufactures of products supplied by us have limited their liability in respect thereof or in respect of any loss that may stem from such products, our own liability ( if any ) on the sale of the said products to our customers shall be limited to the like extent.

Subject to the foregoing our liability (if any) in respect of any such claim shall not exceed the replacement of the defective or incorrect goods or making good the shortage free of charge or ( at our discretion ) refunding the price paid for the goods. We shall not be liable for any consequential loss of any kind whatsoever.


Goods will on be accepted for return subject to our prior agreement in writing. Drivers have no authority to accept goods for returns unless given us. All goods must be returned to us carriage paid and at the customer`s risk. We reserve the right to make a restocking charge.


Notwithstanding any offer, quotation, tender or price list, orders are accepted on the express basis that the price payable for the goods will be our price ruling at the date of despatch. Goods will be invoiced accordingly.

All prices are excusive of VAT

Where any or additional, duty, value added tax or any other tax or surcharge is imposed upon the sale of goods to the customers in such a fashion that we are required to account for the same to the relevant authority, the full amount for which we are so accountable shall be charged to and paid by the customer.


Strictly due on the last day of the month following the month of delivery. We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts at 2% above or clearing bank base lending rate.


All goods shall be at the customer`s sole risk from the time of collection from our premises or, if delivery is made by us, from the time of delivery to the customer's address.


Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 7 above, the legal and equitable title in all goods shall remain with us until we have received payment in full for the same.

Without prejudice to any other rights which may arise, we shall be entitled to terminate the contract to sell the goods and/or repossess them without notice to the customer at any time before payment in full has been received and whether or not payment has become due or any credit allowed has expired.

Access shall be afforded at all reasonable times to our representatives to any premises where any goods shall be situated for the purpose of repossessing such goods and all reasonable assistance shall be given to us in removing the same.

Notwithstanding the above, until payment is made to us in full customers may use, sell or otherwise deal with the goods in the normal course of his business. Any such sale will constitute a sale of our property by the customer and the customer will fore w2ith account to us proceeds of the sale up to the total price of goods outstanding and pending such accounting will hold the proceeds in trust fo


In case of circumstances beyond our control including strike, riot, lockout, fire, the breakdown of machinery, the act of God, acts of omission of government or other authorities, we reserve the right to cancel or suspend our contract with the customer without thereby incurring any liability whatsoever.


Save to the extent that we accept in respect of paragraph 3 above, all representations, warranties, guarantees and conditions (other than as to title) whether express or implied, statutory, by collateral agreement or otherwise are hereby expressly excluded.


These conditions and any contract entered into in pursuance of them shall be construed and take effect in accordance with English law, except where a customer places an order with one of our ranches in Scotland for delivery in Scotland, in which case the law of Scotland will apply.


As we are not the manufactures of all the products we offer for sale we cannot guarantee that every item to which a B.S number refer stamped on it complies in every respect with the British Standard Requirement